GoodNut walnuts.

The GoodNut trademark is natural walnuts processed according to a new special technology and using a selected set of spices.

The product has a special ergonomic packaging which is very convenient and pleasant to hold in the hand, and can be either a full-fledged separate snack or an addition to a drink.

At the moment we have the following flavors in our assortment:

  • walnut natural
  • walnut spicy
  • walnut picantny
  • walnut caramel
  • walnut italian herbs
  • walnut blanche

The following types of packaging are available:

  • 150 g
  • 200 BC
  • 250 g
  • vacuum 1 kg.
  • vacuum 5 kg.

walnut GoogNut

Our warehouses
Czech Republic, Zlin
Czech Republic, Zlin from 1 tons
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region.
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region. from 20 tons
Ukraine, Cherkasy
Ukraine, Cherkasy from 20 tons