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Group of companies «Prioritet» walnuts exporter from Ukraine. Wholesale walnuts, control quality. Walnuts warehouses in EU and Ukraine.

The main direction of our activity is walnut export. We are a dynamic, successfully developing company selling products of Ukrainian origin. Today, our company operates in a large wholesale format in the countries of near and far abroad.

We began our activity with the sale of our product (walnut) in the domestic market. Over time, the company's management has revised its position in the market and decided to work as an exporter. The company pays the most serious attention to the quality of raw materials, carrying out close inspection of finished products at all stages of delivery.

We have strong business ties with all leaders of Ukraine. Due to this, our company offers competitive prices for walnut when selling products in bulk. Distinguished by our team - always an individual approach to each client.

One of our rules is to satisfy any customer needs, taking into account the specifics of his work, partnership responsibility and clear, uninterrupted cooperation in business.

Proper collection and storage of walnut is not an easy task. Needed dry cool warehouses and sometimes refrigerators. Our company sticks to all the necessary rules and regulations for storing walnuts.

Walnut is a very important element in the diet. It is rich in both vitamins and microelements, and is useful in its use. Our customers are both wholesale buyers and small producers of culinary products. Walnut grown in Ukraine is popular in Europe and Asia, as it meets all the necessary standards and criteria. We consider the quality of our products to be one of the main criteria when working with our clients. The quality of the walnut kernel depends on many parameters, ranging from the storage conditions of the inshell nuts to packaging in a cardboard box of a sorted butterfly.

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Individual approach to each client

Individual approach to each client

Wide range<br>of products

Wide range
of products

Discounts for regular and wholesale customers

Discounts for regular and wholesale customers

Small and large<br>wholesale

Small and large

With us is profitable to work
Thanks to a flexible and convenient pricing policy, we are a walnut supplier for the countries of near and far abroad. Our products are sold at bargain prices.
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Walnut Export
Walnut Export
Extra light

No more than 15% shall be darker than extra light of which only 2% (included in the 15%) may be darker than light.


No more than 15% shall be darker than light of which only 2% (included in the 15%) may be darker than light amber.

Light amber

No more than 15% shall be darker than light amber of which only 2% (included in the 15%) may be darker than amber.


No more than 10% shall be darker than amber.

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Our warehouses
Czech Republic, Zlin
Czech Republic, Zlin from 1 tons
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region.
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region. from 20 tons
Ukraine, Cherkasy
Ukraine, Cherkasy from 20 tons

Ukraine has the largest area of agricultural land in Europe with approximately 43 m ha of land out of which 32.5 m ha are used for crop production. In Ukraine , there are 400 thousand hectares of free land under cultivation walnut crops, that you can get from the state. Climate conditions and soil in Ukraine are suitable for growing nut trees. Ukrainian dry fruit market is now on development stadium. The walnuts plants are growing on only 7% of the Earth. Ukraine belongs to this zone for 100%. Volume is estimated from 90 up to 125 thousand tones yearly. Walnuts are for 90% from «grans» («babushkas») and from small farmers Ukrainian walnuts are ecologically friendly – they are growing without pesticides and are of highest quality. The market “chain” of walnuts and nut kernels generates many workplaces, especially for depleted households and for woman. In every farmstead are growing several walnut trees. For countrymen walnuts are the «currency». The development of nut sphere in Ukraine has great social effect. Ukraine is high volume exporter of walnuts, not having by this the “industrial walnut gardens”. The new 6000 Ga of gardens aren’t crop in full volume. Volume is estimated from 90 up to 125 thousand tones yearly. Harvest season in Ukraine varies from year to year depending on weather condition. We would like to inform each consumer about the unique character of Ukrainian walnuts. Namely, all the walnuts are grown up without pesticides and are in fact organic production, without mineral fertilizers and chemical treatment against diseases and pests.

Export from Ukraine to EU (this is key market for Ukraine), must meet a variety of requirements – from the whole food safety till control of food pollutants. Each of regulatory requirements foresees meeting variety of regulations and guidelines of EU.

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