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Natural walnut, grown on ecologically pure Ukrainian black soil, is a useful organic product, which is eaten in a different form in all corners of the planet.

We offer to buy walnuts in bulk, sorted and packed in a compact, safe container. Our products are guaranteed to retain all the beneficial properties, comes in its natural form, contains a number of minerals, fatty acids and other important macronutrients.

The organic properties of walnut kernels are difficult to overestimate - they contain a huge amount of vitamins and healthy fats that enhance the body's defensive properties, eliminate harmful toxins and improve digestion.

You can buy a walnut in Ukraine by contacting the Priority group of companies. We will operatively process your request and offer you the best walnut prices for all the necessary product quality criteria. If you need to get samples of walnut, feel free to contact us and we will arrange prompt dispatch.

Our warehouses
Czech Republic, Zlin
Czech Republic, Zlin from 1 tons
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region.
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region. from 20 tons
Ukraine, Cherkasy
Ukraine, Cherkasy from 20 tons