Walnut dark amber

Walnut dark amber
Characteristics of the product:
Size 1\4
Quality dark amber
price negotiable
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Walnut dark amber - Export walnut from Ukraine

Natural walnut, grown on ecologically pure Ukrainian black soil, is a useful organic product, which is eaten in a different form in all corners of the planet.

We offer to buy walnuts in bulk, sorted and packed in a compact, safe container. Our products are guaranteed to retain all the beneficial properties, comes in its natural form, contains a number of minerals, fatty acids and other important macronutrients.

The organic properties of walnut kernels are difficult to overestimate - they contain a huge amount of vitamins and healthy fats that enhance the body's defensive properties, eliminate harmful toxins and improve digestion.

Our warehouses
Czech Republic, Zlin
Czech Republic, Zlin from 1 tons
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region.
Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region. from 20 tons
Ukraine, Cherkasy
Ukraine, Cherkasy from 20 tons