Walnut kernel Blanche

Walnut kernel Blanche
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Walnut kernel Blanche - Export walnut from Ukraine

Blanched walnut (Blanche) is a fairly new product both in our product line and on the market. This type of walnut is a peeled (blanched) kernel that acquires a beautiful light shade. Since blached walnuts lack the top skin, they have a more pleasant taste, and there is no garchinka in them. In our blanching process, we use the "delicate cleaning" method, which allows you to whiten it as accurately and safely as possible for the quality of the walnut. Such a product is widely used in the confectionery and food industry due to its softer and more pleasant taste. Also, after the blanching process, the peeled walnut acquires a number of useful properties:

  • walnut peel contains tannins that slow down the liver and pancreas, and, accordingly, when peeled, the peel is removed
  • the peel also contains tannin, which gives the nut a bitter taste during long shelf life

Our company accepts orders for blanched walnuts. This type of product is available for loading with the following packages:

  • vacuum packaging 1 kg.
  • vacuum packaging 5 kg.
  • 5-layer cardboard box 10 kg.
  • plastic tubes 150, 200, 250g.

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UK, London, Representative office
Czech Republic, Zlin
Czech Republic, Zlin, from 1 ton
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Ukraine, Gorenichi village, Kyiv region., from 20 tons
Ukraine, Cherkasy
Ukraine, Cherkasy, from 20 tons
United Arab Emirates, Al Jazirah Al Hamra
United Arab Emirates, Al Jazirah Al Hamra, from 1 ton