Walnut kernel - 1\4 light

Walnut kernel - 1\4 light
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Walnut kernel  1\4 light - Export walnut from Ukraine

After a lot of research, scientists arrived at a conclusion that people who regularly eat walnut kernels are healthier than others. Due to its mineral-rich content, this product is a source of vitamins and micronutrients necessary for the body to function properly. It contains almost all B-group vitamins, as well as P and C vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, micronutrients, proteins. It is common knowledge that walnut kernels are essential for brain health as they boost brain power, improve task performance and enhance mood.

In addition, walnut kernels contain:

- fatty acids and proteins needed by athletes, dieters, and vegetarians, for whom this product can be a full-fledged meat substitute;

- antioxidants that help prevent cancer by stabilizing free radicals;

- bioavailable melatonin for good sleep;

- iodine which makes this product an excellent tool for the prevention of thyroid disorders;

- useful proteins that improve digestive heath and promote weight loss.


Export of walnut from Ukraine

Walnut export in Ukraine has increased dramatically over the past few years. On the one hand, the country has all the necessary environmental conditions (fertile black soil, climate) to grow and offer it to its partners the best product. On the other hand, the demand for walnut kernels is constantly growing and will continue to increase in the nearest future – on both domestic and international markets.

Before you buy this product, be sure to focus on choosing a reliable partner, as well as on looking into the price for Ukrainian walnut.

Why choose us?

Priority Group of Companies is an experienced exporter of walnut kernels from Ukraine that offers its customers:

high-quality products (our product is ISO22000: 2005 certified);

good prices;

proper storage and quality packaging of walnuts for transportation;

well-run logistics, which means convenience, timely and quick shipping.

We offer walnut kernels in various forms, including walnut kernel 1\4 light in bulk, at attractive prices.

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